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GANZO Firebird FH11 Pocket Folding Knife D2 Steel Blade Carbon Fiber Handle with Clip Hunting Fishing Camping Outdoor EDC Knife (CF Black)

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CF Black


  • Pocket knife has high-quality D2 stainless steel blade. It is not only resistant to corrosion, but also has excellent strength and wear resistance
  • G10 Handle of the folder – a modern, durable and wear-resistant material. It can easily withstand the influence of high temperatures, moreover, it is resistant to mechanical stress
  • For fixing the knife in the open form meets the lock Liner-lock. This is an extremely simple and reliable mechanism that is easy to use and unpretentious in care
  • Due to the special bearings to open the blade must be a minimum of effort. It literally "flies out" and occupies a working position in less than a second
  • Modern materials, sleek design and excellent build quality make the Firebird FH11 one of the best folding knives in this price segment. It is simple and easy to use, durable and truly versatile

Details: The key advantage of the Firebird FH11 folding knife is simplicity, therefore, it is reliable and easy to use. Due to fairly simple design and use of first-class materials, this knife can withstand quite harsh working environment. Thus, it is suitable for everyday use, and for outdoor activities. The knife is opened by special “Flipper” which is a part of the blade. Also, this part functions as the guard preventing the user’s palm from slipping during the use and, thus, protecting it from injuries. The blade itself has a Normal blade shape and smooth sharpening of the cutting edge which, in combination with its length 87 mm and thickness at the butt 3.3 mm, allows to use this knife efficiently for cutting the food as well as for more time-consuming tasks. Stainless steel D2 grade, hardened to the level of ~ 60 HRC, is used for its fabtication. One of the most reliable mechanisms – Liner-lock – is responsible for fixing the blade in the open position. The handle of the folding knife Firebird FH11 consists of metal liners that ensure excellent durability of the whole design and ergonomic cover plates from G10 with an angular design and textured surface. Characteristics: Type of the knife — folding; Total unfolded length is 20.5 sm; Liner-lock is installed; Knife can be opened by special “Flipper”; Shape of the blade is Normal blade; Type of sharpener of cutting edge is smooth; Blade length is 8.7 sm, butt thickness is 3.3 mm; D2 stainless steel blade; Rockwell blade hardness is ~60 points (HRC); G10 is used for the handle cover plates and backspacer; Firebird FH11 knife has a hole for lanyard and is equipped with metal clip; There is a hole for safety lanyard and removable steel clip; Weight is 112 gram.


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GANZO Firebird FH11 Pocket Folding Knife D2 Steel Blade Carbon Fiber Handle with Clip Hunting Fishing Camping Outdoor EDC Knife (CF Black)
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