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GANZO Firebird FH11S-GY Pocket Folding Knife G10 Handle D2 Steel Hunting Camping Outdoor EDC Knife

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CF Black


  • High-quality D2 stainless steel blade is not only resistant to corrosion, but also has excellent strength and wear resistance
  • Folding knife with G10 Handle with clip – a modern, durable and wear-resistant material. It can easily
  • For fixing the Ganzo FH11S knife in the open form meets the lock Liner-lock. This is an extremely simple and reliable mechanism that is easy to use and unpretentious in care
  • Due to the special bearings to open the blade must be a minimum of effort. It literally "flies out" and occupies a working position in less than a second
  • Modern materials, sleek design and excellent build quality make the Firebird FH11S one of the best folding knives in this price segment. It is simple and easy to use, durable and truly versatile

Details: What is particularly noteworthy is the blade steel. First of all, its hardness, reaching 60 units on the Rockwell scale. This is one of the highest rates for the instrument of this type. Beautiful, reliable knife, adapted to significant mechanical stress. The blade's metal alloy is a D2 grade. This is a fairly high-quality, corrosion-resistant, and the very durable steel. Containing such a component, knives acquire hardness, endurance, and delight the consumer with impeccable reliability. The material of this model handle is a G10 glass fiber. Modern, with good performance, water and temperature influences resistant. In addition, it could be easily painted. The handle of the sample is made in compliance with ergonomics, has a convenient form, and will not slip during use. The colors of the knife handle – black, green, gray. Dimensions of FH11S model: the total length is 18.4 cm, blade length is 7.8 cm, blade thickness is 2.9 mm. The knife weighs only 82 grams. At the same time, it is necessary to emphasize that this is a strong instance, and you can easily rely on it. The knife is wear-resistant, dully balanced. Previous models of this kind demonstrated good cutting properties in practice. It is also worth mentioning that the D2 grade steel, used in many such products, keeps sharpening for a long time. Another significant advantage – the blades' surface treatment. The blade of the models is protected from small scratches and minor scuffs. It retains its appearance after repeated use. If you are interested in a good knife for everyday use, this new product from Ganzo is the very thing. It is useful in urban conditions, as well as in the field and camping, and, at the same time, the knife is un Model: FH11S Overall length: 18.4cm Blade length: 7.8cm Blade thickness: 0.29cm Blade material: D2 Blade hardness: +-60HRC Handle material: G10 Net weight: 82g Lock: Flipper


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GANZO Firebird FH11S-GY Pocket Folding Knife G10 Handle D2 Steel Hunting Camping Outdoor EDC Knife
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