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GANZO Firebird FH31 Pocket Folding Knife D2 Steel Blade Carbon Fiber Handle with Clip Hunting Fishing Folder Camping Outdoor EDC Knife

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Color :
CF Black

Color: CF Black


  • Folding knife with D2 stainless alloy blade - the corrosion resistance of which is increased by the addition of chromium and nickel. Its hardness is 60 HRC and the steel holds an edge well
  • G10 handle of the folder - very durable composite material. It is stronger than usual plastic, although it looks like it. This material does not fade in the sun, is not susceptible to water, can withstand severe mechanical stress
  • The shape of the blade is Wharncliffe. The knife has a perfectly plain and smoothly sharpened cutting edge
  • The lock installed in the Firebird FH31 knife is called Linerlock. It has a very simple design, however, this lock is considered one of the most reliable
  • This knife is recommended for trips to nature, as well as auxiliary use in urban environments. It will be useful to perform almost any work, which means that it is the best fit for tourists, fishermen, athletes and all other active people

Details: Small in size and the practical knife is an indispensable part of the equipment of every tourist, fisherman, and just an active person. It is thus Firebird FH31 CF. This foldable all-purpose knife, suitable to perform any household chores or cooking in the camp. It is made of reliable materials, has a beautiful modern design, takes into account all the needs of tourists.The material for the blade of the knife is the D2 steel. An alloy is of the semi-stainless steel category, as there is more than 0.5% of carbon in its composition. But alloying additions of nickel and chromium significantly increase its resistance to corrosion. Therefore, the knife blade is enough to wipe dry after completion of work to FirebirdFH31 CF enable to serve for more than one year. The hardness of D2 grade steel is 60 HRC, which allows the knife to keep sharpness for a long time. But in order to sharpen the knife yourself, and even in the field, you'll need to have a little practice.The length of the blade is 86 mm; The thickness of the butt line reaches 3 mm. The blade was shaped Wharncliffe, which is so loved by many connoisseurs of modern good knives. It has a smoothly sharpened and absolutely straight cutting edge, original false edge, the finish grinding is made by a satin finish method.The handle of the Firebird FH31 CF knife consists of a steel strip and a pair of carbon fiber pads. This material has a composite structure, due to which it has a very high strength and long service life. Nevertheless, the weight of carbon fiber is comparable to ordinary plastic. It also does not absorb water and does not fade in the sun. The clamping clip is placed on the handle of the knife, and there is a small hole to be able to thread lanyard.Firebird FH31 CF model weighs 116 g. The length of this knife in the open form is 198 mm.


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GANZO Firebird FH31 Pocket Folding Knife D2 Steel Blade Carbon Fiber Handle with Clip Hunting Fishing Folder Camping Outdoor EDC Knife
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