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Multifunctional shovel Ganzo HK001

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The Adimanti HK001 shovel is a multifunctional tool that includes more than ten additional elements. The product is designed to be compact, durable and simple enough to withstand extreme conditions and provide maximum benefit to the hiker.

The Adimanti HK001 blade is made of alloyed Hadfield steel with a high manganese content, which gives the material increased resistance to wear and tear. The length of the blade is 12.2 centimeters, while the width is 16.5 centimeters. Its thickness is 5 millimeters and allows to carry out difficult work with the tool.

The shaft is made up of four elements with a total length of 118 centimeters, which is optimal for comfortable use by a person of average height. Extensions are made of lightweight aluminum, a durable material that does not get rusted, withstands mechanical damage without deformation and is insensitive to salts and acids. Aluminum is widely used in the manufacture of tools for tourism and recreation, as it does not darken in prolonged contact with moisture and has a low weight, which is especially important in camping conditions. Extensions are fastened to each other with a thread, and the user can adjust the length of the handle, using all or just a few elements at a time.

Model HK001 is a multifunctional product, which eliminates the need to carry a heavy set of tools, which is indispensable during leisure time in the countryside. It includes one basic tool and six additional tools that make up an optimal survival kit away from civilization:

shovel: 1 pc;
extension piece: 4 pcs;
ice axe: 1 pc;
screwdriver/burner: 1 pc;
Spearfisherman's sharpener: 1 pc;
glass breaker: 1 pc;
compass: 1 pc;
Bag: 1 pc.
The bag includes a cover for the shovel blade, which is attached to the tool with strong Velcro that prevents accidental slipping of the product during transportation. Also includes a black belt with sturdy carabiners. It attaches to the case by two loops, which allows you to carry the set on your shoulder, like a bag, so that the necessary tools are always on hand.


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Multifunctional shovel Ganzo HK001
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